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Where To Sell Your Motorbike

22nd February 2019

We’ve all been there; the time has come to sell your motorbike to release the funds to buy a new model. It sounds simple and you’ve spent hours getting your motorcycle into a condition for an easy sale.

It comes … Read More

How Much is My Motorbike Worth?

How Much is My Motorbike Worth?

15th February 2019

We’ve all been there … looking for a new bike but knowing that we’ll need to sell our existing one to fund the purchase. It’s all too common, however one of the questions most often asked is ‘how much Read More

Why We’re the UK’s Leading Motorbike Buyers

Why We’re The UK’s Leading Motorbike Buyers

12th February 2019

Here at We Want Your Motorbike, we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading bike buyers.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to sell your bike, simply enter your reg number below and get your free & … Read More

How Much Is a Second-Hand Motorbike Worth?

How Much Is a Second-Hand Motorbike Worth?

11th February 2019

If you’re wondering how much a second-hand motorbike is worth and are looking for a valuation of your bike, simply enter your reg number above and we’ll supply you with an offer in under 24 hours.

If you have a … Read More


How Common Motorbike Mods Can Affect Insurance Premiums.

10th December 2018

Finding an insurer that would cover a bike with mods used to be a challenge, but as attitudes to modifications are changing, so are your potential insurance premiums. There are even some insurers who have policies specifically for modified motorbikes.… Read More


Mapping the UK’s Motorbike Hotspots

Ever wondered where the UK’s motorbike hotspots are?

Our latest research reveals where the most motorbikes, scooters and mopeds are licensed in the UK, as well as where the highest number were registered for the first time in the past … Read More


A Practical Guide To Winter Motorbike Safety

As the months grow colder, riding conditions change and become more hazardous. Many people choose to drive their cars instead of using their bikes, but if you just can’t bear the congestion and conditions are favourable, riding your motorbike in … Read More


Revealed: The UK’s Most Searched Motorbikes

22nd October 2018

When it comes to motorbikes, the web is a fantastic way to keep track of the scene.

Whether it’s a purchase you’re likely not going to bother your significant other with, or you’re searching up just how your immobiliser has … Read More

Bike Reviews

Moto Morini Corsaro 1200 ZZ

Moto Morini is a name that’s rarely uttered within motorcycle communities. However, that is clearly not reflective of its pedigree as a stellar motorcycle manufacturer. Moto Morini is the archetypical phoenix, having risen from the ashes more than a few … Read More

Bike Reviews

Royal Enfield Continental GT Review

12th October 2018

After Siddhartha Lal became the CEO of Royal Enfield, the Indian motorbike manufacturer has gone through revolutionary transformation. The company continues to grow in popularity, by improving the quality of their motorbikes, while integrating up-to-date technology at the same time.… Read More

Bike Reviews

Harley Davidson Sports Glide Review

11th October 2018

The all-new Harley Davidson Sports Glide is a showcase of the company’s evolution in motorcycling excellence. The new motorbike comes with a variety of changes, aimed to improve all aspects of it from every angle. According to the American manufacturer, … Read More