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Harley Davidson Sports Glide Review

11th October 2018

The all-new Harley Davidson Sports Glide is a showcase of the company’s evolution in motorcycling excellence. The new motorbike comes with a variety of changes, aimed to improve all aspects of it from every angle. According to the American manufacturer, their new motorbike is ideal for touring, commuting, and cruising. How is the sports cruiser going to perform? Let’s find out!


The new sports glider makes you feel like you are riding a stealth motorbike, due to the black mufflers and “Mantis” black and silver cast wheels.

The Harley Davidson Sports Glide comes with the American manufacturer’s latest Softtail frame, designed to make the motorbike nimble and lightweight to ride. Despite the motorbike weighing 304 kg, you won’t even feel the weight as you ride it.

In the front suspension, you will find inverted forks, while the rear has mono-shock. You can adjust the settings of the suspension to match your specific requirements with the help of an adjuster and a remote. Overall, the ride on the motorbike is comfortable due to its new suspension.

The front brakes consist of a four-piston, single calliope, on a floating disc. The rear brakes are dual-pot sliding calipers on the rear disc. Along with ABS, the stopping power is phenomenal, without overpowering the suspension.

You get a small 1.5-inch screen, which provides minimal protection against the wind. If you want additional protection, you can go for the optional 5.5-inch screen. Both the tail and headlights on the sports cruiser use LEDs. However, the front indicator uses traditional bulbs, unlike the ones on the rear, which consist of LEDs.

There is an analogue speedometer, along with an LCD, which displays trip, clock, level of fuel, odometer, revs, gear position, and the range of the sports cruiser. You can charge your smartphone/tablet on this motorbike, thanks to its USB port.

There are 25.5-liter lockable and plastic panniers, with enough room to carry gear for you and your pillion comfortably. If you are willing to pay extra, you can improve the storage space with an optional luggage rack.


You will find an oil-cooled Milwaukee-Eight 107 1745cc engine, which produces 83hp of power at 3,250 rpm and torque of 107 lb-ft at 3,250 rpm. The delivery of power by the engine is smooth, thanks to its solid mounting. When you ride the motorbike at low speeds, the engine feels lumpy but pleasant. At high speeds, the engine comes to life, producing wonderful notes. According to Harley Davidson, the sports cruiser fuel efficiency stands at 53 mpg. Combined with its 18.9-liter tank, you can cover at least 200 miles easily.


The Harley Davidson Sports Glide is an incredible motorbike. The changes made by the American manufacturer makes the sports cruiser wonderful to ride. Even the aesthetics of the motorbike is amazing, giving it a new stealth feel. The Sports Glide gives you the true character of riding a Harley Davidson, while continuing to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the motorbike industry. If you wish to own this powerful sports cruiser from Harley Davidson, the base price is £14,995 (inclusive of luggage).


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