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Harley-Davidson Street Rod Review

18th April 2017

Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 is the first bike with custom based liquid-cooled engine powered by Revolution X. Street Rod, on first look, resembles a mix of a Supermoto and a Flat Tracker. Complete with an urban warrior performance, the design of the Street Rod is modelled on the award-winning concept from lead designer Chetan Shedjale’s RDX800. Although Street Rod closely resembles the XG750R American Flat Track race bike, the bike is not a replica of the same. The styling of the bike is focused towards extending a global appeal while retaining its American soul at the same time.


According to the designer, the bike was designed to give it a rugged, powerful look, like a ‘bulldog’ appeal. There are evident changes in the front and rear which are so incorporated to increase and enhance the ‘Street on Steroids’ performance. The tail section of Street 750 is complete with a new LED tail lamp, a design first which will slowly blend into the custom designed bikes, going forward. Chassis of the Street Rod 750 confines minute changes, all to accommodate the boosted performance of the bike. There are longer piggyback reservoir shocks which provide the 4.6 inches of rear wheel movement apart from endowing a stance more purposeful. As a result, the angle of the rake is now reduced to 27 from a steeper 32 degree. Forks in the 17-inch Michelin Scorcher wheels are now an inverted 43mm slider clamped with triple alloy clamps. Tires are massive Radials on both the front and rear. Brakes are 300mm dual disc clamped to a standard dual-piston slider calipers to bring the monster to a halt with the shortest braking distance. Additional safety features of the Street Rod 750 include ABS and H-D’s security system.

The Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 is available in three colours: Charcoal Denim, Vivid Black and Olive gold. Price starts from £15065!


While designing the bike, performance was as central as its American appeal. The Harley Davidson Street Rod 750 offers a nimble yet exciting ride in an urban setting. Changes in the chassis and the extension of the swingarm elevates the riding position by 4.1 inches bestowing it with the ability to bank at lean angles of 40.2 degrees on the left and 37.3 on the right.

The engine is a powerful, high-output Revolution X cooled V-twin. The torque is increased by 18 percent horsepower, all thanks to the latest dual throat throttle body, subtle changes in the valve, compression in the pump and airflow. All these engine changes increase the max output to 9000 rpm from 8000. Curb weight of the bike is 516 pounds and the bike styling is in-seam with the Street which made a debut in the Marvel blockbuster Captain America. Performance wise, Street Rod promises to thrill the urban rider offering precisely crafted tires, frame geometry, suspension and superior engineering to deliver handling which is on the mark and feather light.

The Street Rod from Harley-Davidson is one machine that’s going to be snatched up by a lot of bike enthusiasts.

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