Honda CB 125F Review

7th March 2017

A successor of the Honda CBF 125, the new Honda aims to replace its best-selling motorcycle in the UK. The Honda CB 125F is meant for riders who want an affordable mode of transport and for those who are new to the world of bikes. The production of the new model has moved from India to China. Has Honda been able to recreate the magic of the old model? Let’s dig deeper to learn more about the Honda CB 125F.


Honda introduced the new model in an all-new steel frame. With a seat height of 30.5 inches, footrests placed further ahead, and the position of the handlebar moved back, the bike provides an upright riding position. The low fuel tank and its unbelievable weight of 282lb allows most bikers to touch the floor with their feet. It is easy to view the road ahead making the rider confident and the ride comfortable. New riders will feel at home as it is easy to ride. Six-spoke 18 inch wheels, 120mm telescopic fork, adjustable dual shock with disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back are good enough to come to a halt quickly.

The dashboard has an analogue speedometer and rev-counter which are easy-to-read, conspicuous indicator buttons, fuel gauge, and a new gear indicator. The kill-switch has been avoided to prevent confusion among new riders, as stated by Honda. The 45° steering lock either side improves movability, making it suitable for tight cities. Honda provides 3 colours, Pearl Twinkle Yellow, Pearl Sunbeam White, and Candy Blazing Red. The production may have switched from India to China, but the CB 125F retains the ‘Honda’ build quality. The naked style of the bike helps in reducing damage to the fairings. The absence of the screen won’t be felt as the bike can barely go past 70 mph. The tires were swapped from Continental tyres to Chinese-made CTSs for a skinner profile of 90/90 section rear.


According to Honda, the engine is an all-new unit. Powered by 124.7 cc single cylinders, the air-cooled engine coupled with Honda’s latest fuel injection system, revised cylinder head and exhaust system, increases the mid-range torque and mileage.  The fuel economy is said to be an impressive 125 mpg.  The downside of this is a reduction of power from 11.1bhp to 10.46 bhp at 7,750 rpm and torque from 8.2 lb/ft to 7.52 lb/ft at 6,250 rpm. As it isn’t a high-performance bike, the change isn’t noticeable. The new engine is smoother due to the inclusion of a balance shaft. Even though it is a single cylinder engine, vibrations are reduced at every gear and even at top speed. It has a 5-speed gearbox. The 3.4-gallon fuel tank increases the range of the bike to more than 370 miles.

It definitely feels like Honda has done an excellent job in making an already good bike into an exceptional machine. With its affordable price tag and biker-friendly status, you can never go wrong with the Honda CB 125F.

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