Honda PCX 125 Review

7th March 2017

The Honda PCX 125 is a stylish scooter, is built for the riding in the city. It’s slim enough to get slip through traffic and park in cramped parking spots. Light-weight, fuel-efficient, and practicality were 3 things Honda were aiming for and they got it spot on. What makes this scooter highly popular? Let’s find out.


The stylish Honda PCX 125 has a tubular steel underbone as its frame. The dashboard has an analogous speedometer with a small display to show time, fuel level, and average mileage. The key hole has a protection to safeguard the bike against thieves. There are switches to open the fuel cap and to access the seat storage. The seat storage can accommodate a full-face helmet with a little space leftover. There is a small cubbyhole below the dashboard for storage. The PCX 125 is equipped with a 220mm hydraulic disc brake in the front and 130mm drum brake in the rear, making it easy to come to a complete halt in a progressive and safe manner.

With the seat sitting at 29.9 inches, telescopic fork in the front and twin suspension at the back, wet weight of 286 lb, riding has never been more comfortable and stable. With a ground clearance of 5.3 inches, it is easy for almost every rider to plant their feet firmly on the ground. The 14-inch wheels with 27° caster angle make manoeuvring through traffic a breeze. The build quality of the Honda PCX is exceptional. The headlights and the taillights are LED, saving on electrical energy and increasing fuel efficiency even further. For those conscious of the on-going damage to the environment because of vehicles, the scooter’s exhaust has a 300-cell exhaust for the clean running of the engine and low environmental impact.


The Honda PCX 125 is powered by 125cc, liquid-cooled, single cylinder 4-stroke engine, producing 11.5 bhp at 8500 rpm and 8.85 lb/ft torque at 5000 rpm. It’s the first scooter to have an idle stop system, for saving fuel. When the bike is idling for more than 3 seconds, the engine switches off. To indicate that the bike is in idle stop mode, an orange ‘stand by’ will flash on the dashboard. To fire back up the engine, the throttle needs to be turned. With a fuel tank capacity of 1.6 gallons and a mileage of about 133 mpg (according to Honda), the nifty bike can traverse distance’s more than 180 miles before stopping to refuel. It has an automatic gearbox with smooth transmission.

Honda has outdone itself this time. The saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ doesn’t hold true for this incredible scooter. It looks like a great scooter and it performs like one. With plenty of legroom, storage spaces in the front and back, the scooter is extremely practical. It is also fuel efficient, making it a worthy purchase as you won’t have to spend much on fuel.  You can never go wrong in investing in Honda. The quality is always up to the mark. Now you know why its one of Brittan’s bestselling scooters!

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