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Kawasaki Z900RS Review

29th January 2018

In 1972 Kawasaki launched the Z1 which was the best four cylinder bike of its time. Over
four decades later the Japanese motorbike manufacturer has launched the Kawasaki Z900RS
which is meant to pay homage to the Z1. The bike has steering that is fast and light and the
throttle response is quick. While the Z1 was meant to be a high performance sports bike the
Z900RS does well in regular situations as well. Even at low and mid-range speeds, the bike
has more torque and power.


The design shares some similarities with the Z900 and the two models share the same motor
but apart from that, the Z900RS is an entity on its own. The bike has a 4-stroke in-line four,
liquid cooled engine with an electric starting system.
Displacement is 948cm3, bore x stroke 73.4 x 56 mm, compression ratio is 10:8:1, the bike
has sixteen valves and DOHC induction system. Lubrication has the wet sump design and
follows forced lubrication.

The 17 litre fuel tank has been custom made to continue behind the side panels. This unique
fuel tank feature was designed to accommodate for the engines downdraft fuelling system.
The Kawasaki Z900RS can reach a maximum power of 8,500 rpm with a fuel consumption of
5.3l/100km. Maximum torque is at 6,500 rpm and there is six speed transmission. The bike
has a wet multi-disc clutch.

The Monobloc calliper brakes are radially fixed to the master cylinder. There is a single
shock in the back which can be adjusted for preload and rebound damping. Stopping the bike
is quick without the sudden jerk.

A multifunctional LCD display screen accompanies the analogous speedometer and
tachometer dial on the dashboard.

With Dunlop GPR-300S tires, the height of the bars and a well-cushioned seat all make the
Kawasaki Z900RS extremely comfortable to ride.

The Kawasaki Z900RS has two levels of traction control. The first mode controls ignition
timing which brings about limited slip. Mode two can be used for slippery roads and allows
the automatic control of fuel, air flow and timing which keeps the bike under control. The
traction controls helps the bike deal with different tyre profiles and road types.
The bike is available in five colours; metallic spark black which starts at £9,899, metallic
matt Covert green and flat ebony starting at £10,099 and candytone brown and candytone
orange starting from £ 10,199.


The Kawasaki Z900RS has a 948cc engine. Some of the highlights of the bike are the sooth
drive by the engine, the quick but accurate stirring and the excellent suspension. The binary
throttle takes some getting used to but works well once you have mastered it.

The Verdict

The bike has a classic retro look but has all the features of a modern day motorbike. The bike
rides well both at high and medium-high speeds. The framework and suspension make for a
comfortable ride and the traction control helps maintain stability on different types of roads.
While it is claimed that the Kawasaki Z900RS is a homage to the 1972 Z1, this bike has
definitely been made for the future.

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