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MK 5 Café Racer review

4th July 2018

Roaring from the house of Metisse Motorcycles, their flagship handcrafted motorcycle MK 5 café racer is the stuff of dreams. Metisse, after going through a complete image overhaul came out with the café racer in the year 2016. This beast of a bike combines the durability of old motorbikes with the finesse of new engineering. Each part of the motorcycle is handcrafted and can take up to months to make. The brainchild of Rickman brothers, the bike enjoys popularity amongst the elite youth of UK. These are custom-made bike and personalize the biking experience of each rider. This allows the rider to experience comfort in riding a bike like never before. The engine on the bike is powerful and makes no excuses for being a sub-standard part. Perfect for those rides along the valleys, the bike can survive any weather due to its build quality and superior engineering. Here are some of the facts about this beast:

The Adelaide

The customized engine that has become the trademark of the brand, this bike has a displacement of 997 ccm. Add to that the engine is a twin, four stroke style so you never have to worry about power. With a torque of 94.92 and an injection fuel system, the revs on this bike are to die for. The gearbox is a standard 5-speed which makes controlling this beast easy.

The Bike at a Glance

The bike may look heavy at first but that is clearly not the case. Manoeuvring this metal beast is like sliding a hot knife through butter. The bike has good suspension and can handle almost any terrain. The seat is comfortable and feels premium, you’re definitely getting a quality product.

The Riding Experience

With the café racer, you can feel that every part is in place for a reason. Due to its compact and functional design, the rider does not feel uncomfortable whatsoever. However, the height of the bike can be an issue for some. The bike is built keeping in mind the linear fluidity which gives the rider, a feeling of being one with this beast. The sound on this bike is perhaps its best feature; the revs are powerful and can be heard from a mile convincing people of the power it carries.

Overall View

Meant vertically blessed folks, this bike will certainly satiate the wanderlust biker in you. This bike though may look like a swanky dirt bike, does not claim to be one. The engine does justice to the design and gives the whole façade, a premium quality that is unmistakably Metisse. Shipped out of their factory in Oxfordshire, this is an up-market product so get ready to shell out big bucks to ride this bad boy. The foot pegs can be positioned to suit the rider’s needs. The brakes on the bike feel solid. The wheels of the bike are aligned properly and can traverse most terrains. Overall, the Metisse MK 5 Café Rider is a great upscale bike.

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MK5 cafe racer

The beautiful MK5 in silver

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