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Moto Guzzi MGX-21

17th May 2017

Moto Guzzi is desperate to capture the UK market The company has increased its European sales recently but has its eyes on capturing the hearts and minds of the British biking community. It is competing squarely against orthodox styled tourers and cruisers.

Export oriented

Moto Guzzi is one of Italy’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers. The MGX-21 is designed at Piaggio’s design centre located in Pasadena. The location was deliberate. The design is being made to appeal to British and American buyers. The design is undoubtedly American with its half fairing, hard panniers and sound system. The body is made of carbon fibre, echoing the Super Glide model manufactured by Harley Davidson.

European specifications

The 21 inch diameter wheel in the front gives the 21 in the bike’s name. People who love to customize their bikes prefer huge front wheels. The Moto Guzzi company even went back to Second World War history and named the motorcycle after an iconic aircraft, the Flying Fortress. The original holder of the name was a B-17 bomber made by Boeing.

Except the red paint on the cylinder heads, the air-cooled 1,380cc and V-twin engine is almost same to other same category motorcycles. The bike has a total of three riding modes. The maximum output comes to 96bhp. The power plant is delightfully flexible, and pulls out engagingly with a pleasant exhaust note. The whole effect is an attractive one.

This Moto Guzzi model delivers excellent acceleration, especially for bikes which weigh 340 kgs. Effortless main road travel is made possible by wide “batwing” fairing. The fitment cruise control only adds to the ease of riding. Noisy turbulence, however, is produced by low screen, thus inadequate for the Bluetooth powered sound system to damp it out.

Riding quality

The chassis could be better, with it hampered by the front wheel weight. The weight is due to its abnormally large diameter and carbon shroud. The steering damper does the function of increasing resistance when the handlebar gets turned. This delivers an imprecise feel at city speeds. Short riders can feel disconcerting, despite the low seat of the bike.

The MGX handles much better at higher speeds. It simply sweeps through the curves with typical Italian enthusiasm. The suspension offers an enviably compliant ride along the excellent damping. Wide Dunlop tyres with generous ground clearance only adds to the fun. Brakes are good. This is due to the ABS system and the radial four piston engineered Brembo front calipers.

The popularity of these kind of motorcycles is primarily due to its ability to provide longer distance ability and style sans weight of full-blown tourer. This MGX model scores high with a comfortable seat, shaft drive transmission and a generous fuel range. Gear shifting happens without any hassle. The panniers are sold with inner bags. They are roomy. An extremely useful USB socket lies below instrument panel. If you want this to link to a smartphone, you have to purchase an accessory holder. The list of other extras include footboards and taller screen. Their presence would add to the practicality and comfort of the MGX.

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