Selling your motorcycle

Motorbike Sales

12th May 2017

You want to sell your motorbike, here’s our top tips to motorbike sales!

Getting the best photos

If you are trying to sell your motorbike you want it to look as good as possible. Have one scroll through Auto Trader or Craig’s List and you will see bike after bike with blurred pictures taken at bad angles that just don’t show the bike’s best features. You want your pictures to stand out in the crowd, so think about lighting, camera quality and the best angles to show off your bike.

Honesty is the Best Policy

When you upload pictures of your motorbike and write up the description, you might be tempted to skip over certain details and leave things out of the photos. Don’t, you should be as honest and thorough with your photos and description as possible to avoid wasting your time and the buyers time in order to maximise your motorbike sales opportunity.

Keep your Motorbike Squeaky Clean

No one wants to buy a filthy motorbike and no one will, this is for a few reasons. If you have a grimy motorbike it won’t stand out from the thousands of others up for sale, you want your motorbike to shine and look showroom ready! Everyone knows a dirty motorbike can hide some more sinister secrets underneath like rust, dints and chips in the paint, these are just a few dirty little secrets that a motorbike buyer could think you are hiding under the muck. A motorbike buyer will always assume a dirty bike is a neglected bike, even if it runs like a dream. Show your potential buyer that the bike is loved and is safe to buy, helping you to boost your motorbike sales.

Be Careful!

Motorbike thieves, con-men and scammers are everywhere at the moment, be very careful when selling your motorbike, people get ripped off every day by people posing as legitimate buyers. You never know when someone will take your motorbike on a test ride and never come back, or pay you with a dodgy cheque or even steal the motorbike straight from your home. So take some precautions such as only accepting bank transfer or cash and making sure you have someone with you when you meet the buyer, no test rides unless money is transferred, if you use a online company check out the reviews for the business. Finally never post your full address and location for thieves to target.

Papers, papers, papers!

If you’re selling a motorbike make sure you have all the necessary documents that come with it and they are handed over with the sale of the bike. This includes receipts, MOT papers, service history, V5 log book etc. Make sure you retain the slip that you need to tell the DVLA about the new owner. Post it off on the same day! You do not want to get fines for someone else’s parking or speeding!


Before you post your motorbike for sale make sure to do a few checks so everything is in working order. Check the electrics, brakes, oil, paintwork, tyres, coolant and chains. This just makes the whole process so much easier!

Selling your bike can be a hassle so make sure to follow our top tips to motorbike sales for a smooth ride and an easy sell! Or better yet get a free valuation on your bike today at for a cash offer or instant bank transfer, same day valuation and free collection anywhere in the UK!

Motorbike Sales


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