The UK’s Most Common Motorbikes

2nd July 2019

Have you noticed certain bikes are everywhere you go or more popular than a few years ago?

With so many brands and models, UK bikers and spoilt for choice. Whether its decided by the brand name, a recommendation from a friend or wanting a brand new bike, its an important choice. Some brands have more star power on the road, with others winning in reliability and value.

We’ve used data from the Department of Transport to reveal the UKs most in-demand motorbikes for 2018. Plus we’ve found the brands UK riders prefer and the models that have grown in popularity the most compared to figures from 5 years ago.

Most Common Bikes

Of the top bikes of the past 12 months, here’s the top 20 on the roads in the UK:

Biggest 5 Year Risers in Popularity

Biggest 5 Year Bike Brand Popularity Increases

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