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The 2017 Triumph Bonneville T100 Redefines the Classic Universal Bike Concept

12th January 2017

Why you will fall in love with Triumph Bonneville T100 instantly?

If you are a rider who enjoys classical cruisers with a relaxed sitting stance and a steady compression ratio, then the Triumph Bonneville T100 will surely blow your mind. It is not as high key as the Bobber or unspoked and “cheap” as the Street Twin but many would agree that it is the most appropriate and fun bike in Triumph’s retro line of motorcycles. It is arguably one of the best modern classics that are being produced by a British manufacturer right now.

While it may seem to be a dumbed-down version of the T120 as it lacks some of the bells and whistles of its factory sibling. It doesn’t have multiple riding modes or the factory fitted heated grips but what it has is unmatched agility, beautiful getup, cool demeanour and an ability to deliver consistently in a silent yet reliable manner.

Its 900 cc engine is a delight as you rev up the throttle and has a smooth torque curve. Its 84.6×80 mm bore size will qualify it as a big bore motorbike. It delivers maximum torque of 59 ft-lb at 3230 rpm and it has a smooth, easy to change five speed gear box.

The Kayaba 41mm forks in the front with a 120 mm travel axel and the Kayaba twin shocks at the back with adjustable preload and 120 mm rear wheel travel axle make it extremely steady and comfortable across a range of terrains.

The classic 790mm seat height will allow you to ride it for long durations across country sides and highways without a need for a break and without giving you a stiff back.   It has ABS enabled Nissin 2-piston floating calipers on both its front and rear brakes at the front and back which make it safe to ride even on wet terrains. The front brake has a single 310mm disc while the rear has a single 255mm disc.

It is also not lacking in useful and highly functional gadgetry although in keeping with its image as a classic cruiser, its LCD instrument panel features analogue speedometers, fuel gauge, a digital trip meter, a nice clock, traction control, scroll button on handlebars and a service indicator among other things.

The perfect fuelling and low-end torque means it is easy to chug the 213 kg bike almost in any gear and speed. The torque distribution is phenomenal and there is plenty available in all gears. 

What gives the 2017 T100 its classic look?

The Triumph Bonneville T100 has a tubular steel cradle frame and twin-sided tubular steel swing arms. Along with cast aluminium alloy spoke wheels and its range of classic body colours, the bike will take you to the era of universal bikes. The black stands out and is also priced slightly higher than the rest. At £8300, it is quite affordable and is positioned in between the Street Twin priced at £7500 and the £9800 price tag of the Bonneville T120.

It has a low maintenance cost and has a high resale value since classic is the cool in Europe and it is one of the foremost modern classics. The grips aren’t very wide which make it easy to ride for even novice riders.

So, if you are contemplating to buy a classic in 2017, the Triumph Bonneville T100 will fit your bill perfectly. The classic Triumph body badge will turn quite a few heads! The rubber on the foot pegs, the hand painted lines on the tank and the round mirrors will only add to the prestige.

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