Why Sell To An Online Bike Trader?

5th July 2019

Selling your motorbike is a huge undertaking. From finding the right new owner to ensuring that you are getting the best deal for your machine and a whole lot more, it’s no wonder that many people find the whole process stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be.

By using an online bike trader (like ourselves!), you can take all the stress and strain away from selling your bike, and still get the best possible deal!

What is a Bike Trader?

A bike trader is an individual or business who specialises in the buying and selling of bikes. Here at We Want Your Motorbike, we’re always on the lookout for pre-loved machines which we can evaluate and offer the seller a fair price for their machine.

We’re not always on the lookout for the rarest or most unique – we’re happy to take a look at any motorbike you may want to sell. As long as you’re happy to provide us with details about your machine, we’re happy to put forward an offer and come out and inspect your machine before completing the sales process.

We’re essentially buyers looking to give you the best deal!

Why use an Online Bike Trader?

With so many different ways to sell your bike nowadays, why should you choose to sell your bike online via a trader like ourselves?

One of the main benefits of our service is that it’s quick. Our valuation process is simple and straight forward, and the money can be yours within 24 hours from you entering the details of your bike. While you may think that taking your bike to a trader in person is quicker, we are able to process and evaluate more bikes in a day than a single trader. 

Our experts are just waiting to give you a valuation – it’s what we do best. With nearly 10 years of experience in online bike valuation and trading, we’ve got our process refined to be able to guarantee a fast valuation of your machine, putting the ball back in your court and giving you full control over the offer.

Another benefit is that we’re constantly online, keeping up to date with the latest market values and prices. This means that you’ll always get the best possible price for your machine – we know what it’s worth and can offer up-to-date advice on any query you may have.

We also pride ourselves on the security of our transaction process. Too often, people selling their motorbikes fall victim to scams and fail to receive payment for their bike and only realise when it’s too late. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our offer clears in your bank before we take your bike away, giving you peace of mind and showing you why we’re the UK’s biggest and most trusted motorcycle buying service.

If you’ve got a motorbike that you’re thinking of selling, take advantage of our free valuation service and find out how much you could trade your vehicle for today!


We don’t expect you to just take our word for it that our service is simple and straightforward. Luckily for us, we’ve got a whole host of customer reviews that reveal just how appreciative our sellers are for our service – and why they recommend us!


“I didn’t expect Much of any site Like this as ive had bad experience with similar in the past, but they offered me exactly what I was after, they picked it up today, start to finish in 5 days, finance settled, proper simple, I can’t fault them, highly recommended”


Five star service! Extremely happy with the service I received.

“Extremely happy with the service I received. From the first phone call to the technician arriving at my door to view and check the bike the process was hassle free and easy. The price you are quoted online is the price you’ll get as long as you are honest with the description of your bike. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone wishing to sell their bike stress free.”


Great selling experience

“I thought about selling my bike last week but didn’t want people just kicking tyres and wanting to pay less than I wanted. They looked round the bike and gave me the amount they said they would over the phone. I owned the bike 8 years an they gave me £2,000 less than I paid for it. That’s the best selling experience I’ve ever had and I highly recommend them.


Great company to deal with

Great company to deal with. No messing about. We agreed a price & they paid in full before they loaded the bike in their van. They also gave me time to check that the bank transfer had gone through ok. Their offer was more than I expected. Can’t fault them but you have to honest about your bike’s condition. If it’s as you describe they’ll pay you & won’t haggle (unlike most other dealers).


You can see plenty more of our five-star reviews over on our Trustpilot page – we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Where Do We Cover?

Unlike many offline (and a lot of other online) traders, we don’t limit ourselves to just one area of the UK.

We have bike experts available across the country to come out and inspect your bike and give you the most accurate valuation for your vehicle, without you needing to transport the bike anywhere. We’ll arrange an appointment time that is convenient for you, and you won’t have to transport your bike anywhere – our experts will come directly to you – no matter where you are in the UK!

Don’t feel obliged to take the first offer from your local trader – get your free valuation from us and see how our offer fares!

The Bikes We Buy

As mentioned further back in this guide, we’re not picky over which manufacturer your bike comes from. 

We’re not just looking for pristine Yamahas or Harley Davidsons – we’ll consider putting offers in for any bike that is registered in the UK, no matter what manufacturer is!

This sets us apart from other traders, many of which limit themselves to certain makes, models and manufacturers, which can in turn limit who can use their services. We pride ourselves on being completely accessible to anyone who wants to sell their bike, even those whose bikes are manufactured by smaller brands.

So, what are you waiting for? Fill in your bike’s details on our free valuation tool and see how much better off you could be when selling your bike to us here at We Want Your Motorbike – all within 24 hours! Just simply enter your bike’s registration and supporting details to begin!

Get your free valuation now

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Put your registration in now and get your bike sold in 24 hours.


Our engineer will check your bike, then pay 100% of the agreed price.


No worries about theft. We collect from your home, anywhere in the UK.


See the money in your bank before the bike goes anywhere.